Annick Lantenois


And Beyond the Forms

The historical differences between national cultures affect our thinking about the relationship between theory and practice, and more specifically about the writing of the history of graphic design. What approach is favoured in France nowadays? And why? What is the relationship between this prevalent approach to historical narrative and current economic conditions? What would be a different story? And why? In other words, what does choosing a certain historical approach tell us about our idea of graphic design?

Annick Lantenois teaches history and theory of graphic design at the École supérieure d’art et design in Grenoble-Valence (France), where she is also co-director with her colleague Gilles Rouffineau of the research group “Il n’y a pas de savoirs sans transmission” (There is no knowledge without transmission). Focusing on the dialogue between history and the issues of contemporary graphic design, her research is aimed at envisaging the potential of critical design. She has written many articles and, most recently, a book entitled Le Vertige du funambule: Le design graphique, entre économie et morale, published by B42/Cité du design de Saint-Étienne.

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